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Why Appointments?

At The Guest List, we do things a little differently. We assign each client her own Stylist/ Dress Specialist during a personalized appointment. As a client, we want to give you our full attention and create an experience that’s as individual and unique as you are! During your one-on-one appointment, your Stylist/ Dress Specialist will discuss with you your style, body type, hair color, complexion, budget, and modesty specifications and find the perfect dress for you.


Instead of going from store to store or guessing what a dress really looks like from an online snapshot, take advantage of our expert staff and let our Stylist/ Dress Specialist pamper you! We want this appointment to be the best hour of your life (or at least the best hour of your day!), so don’t worry about pulling dresses from racks--this hour is all about you. Enjoy the experience as you have fun trying on those beautiful gowns while we do all the hard work! Click here to set up your Appointment!


What is the TGL Experience?

You’ve seen it happen on TV. A beautiful girl walks into a room of perfectly selected gowns. She slips into one and steps onto the podium surrounded by mirrors, each mirror reflecting back her beautiful, unique style. She smiles, twirls a little, and turns to her Mom, “I’m saying yes to the dress!” Imagine having that same personalized experience when choosing your Pageant, Prom or special occassion dress. At The Guest List, you can! 


Unique Experience?

At TGL, each appointment is personalized, enjoyable, and relaxing. Yes, relaxing! Upon arrival to your appointment, we will pair you up with one of our skilled Stylists / Dress Specialists to help you every step of the way. Keeping in mind your personal style, body type, budget, complexion, and modesty specifications, your  Stylist / Dress Specialists will work one-on-one with you to find a dress that is everything you’ve dreamed of (and one that family and friends will love, too!).


Stylist / Dress Specialists?

Don’t stress if you’ve never tried on a prom dress before or don’t know an a-line from a ball gown. Relax knowing that each of our Stylist / Specialists have been selected because of their knowledge, great fashion sense, and because they genuinely want you to feel gorgeous! Your stylist/dress specialist will help you select styles that look good on your body type, assist in the dressing room by zipping zippers, offer support with sleeve design and give you expert styling advice!


We're 100% Pageant & Prom Focused

Apart from our commitment to a relaxing, personalized experience, what makes The Guest List different from other dress stores in The Bahamas is that we specialize in being in exclusive when it comes not only to our casual pieces but also to our pageant, prom and evening dresses. Our buyers have carefully chosen dress styles with the unique TGL Girl in mind. With over 1,000 styles in stock, we know exactly what silhouettes, styles, and colors will turn heads as you strut by!



With our large selection of designs and knowledgeable staff, you are sure to find the perfect designer piece or gown for your style, shape, and budget. TGL offers a lively atmosphere full of passionate and fashion forward employees who make finding that perfect outfit easy and enjoyable. Relax, enjoy your appointment, and let us take care of the hard stuff!


Book an appointment

Don’t wait! Book an appointment with one of our stylists / dress specialists by clicking here.

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