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At The Guest List, we make shopping for that perfect evening or casual wear a personalized, fun experience. We know how exciting events like prom, pageants, bday parties or even a night out on the town are and want each appointment to reflect that excitement. Why waste time combing through online dress/clothing retailers with zero guidance! Take advantage of the personal attention and expert knowledge you can only get in person at The Guest list! During your experience at The Guest List, you will be assigned your very own highly-trained Stylist / Dress Specialist in an exclusive, one-on-one appointment designed to guide you through the process of choosing that one-of-a-kind piece. Keeping in mind your personal style, body type, budget, complexion, and modesty specifications, we elevate dress shopping from a stressful, confusing experience to one that is positive, fun, and unforgettable (for all the right reasons). Find out more about our unique and wonderful shopping experience and read glowing reviews from customers like you!

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